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Brihat Samhita :When Mercury passes through the 11 th house, the person concerned will get wealth, sons, happiness, wife, friends, vehicles and contentment; he will also speak sweet words. Yavana Jataka :In the 11 th house, it produces honour, quadrupeds, women, friends, money, beauty, and pleasure. During this period, Mercury will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This indicatesachievement and monetary gain.

This period is likely to bring in financial gains for you. You may expect toreceive higher monetary gains from different sources. Your personal endeavours, businesses andinvestments are likely to bring in higher financial gains and more profits. If you are a professional oremployed, you are likely to be more successful during this particular period. You are likely to prosper inyour field of activity especially during this time. Health should be good. You are likely to be at peace with yourself.

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You may become more soft-spoken andvery cordial in your behaviour. At home, you may expect a good time. Your spouse and children will also be happy and cordial. You mayalso expect to get some favourable news. You are likely to be surrounded by material comfort.

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Socially this is a good phase as well. You would be able to command more respect in the society. Pleasantcompany of the opposite sex would also surround you. Your wit and pleasant nature would also makepeople flock around you. From January 01, Tuesday at till January 29, Tuesday at Venus will transit in your 10 th house. According to astrological classics following are the results of transit of Venus in 10 th house.

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Brihat Samhita :When Venus travels through the 10 th house, the native suffers insults and quarrels invariably, though he speaks very few words. During this period, Venus will move through your tenth house from the Moon.

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This brings in mentalanguish, agitation and restlessness. Physical health also suffers during this particular time. You may have to be extra careful with your finances and try to avoid any kind of loans, as you are likely tobe under debts during this particular phase. Beware of your enemies and avoid unnecessary and useless, discussions, as it might lead to quarrelsincreasing the number of your enemies. Be careful to avoid defamation and humiliation in the society.

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Be cautious while handling your relatives and women folks as a silly misunderstanding may add on to thenumber of your enemies. Avoid all kinds of arguments with your spouse to maintain the healthy equilibriumin the marriage. You are likely to face trouble caused by higher authority of your chosen field or by the government. Youmay have to put in extra hard work to meet with success in all your endeavours. From January 29, Tuesday at till the end of the month Venus will transit in your 11 th house.

According to astrological classics following are the results of transit of Venus in 11 th house. Brihat Samhita :When Venus passes through the 11 th house, the native, gets friends, wealth, food and perfumes. Yavana Jataka :In the 11 th house, it produces women, beds, food, drink, ornaments, sexual intercourse, joy, houses, and money. During this period, Venus will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This mostly signifiesfinancial security and relief from debts.

You may also expect solutions to your other economic problems as well. This period also brings in success in your endeavours. Your popularity increases and your reputation wouldalso see an upward move during this period. You are likely concentrate on acquisition of material comfort, means of pleasure, good food, clothing,jewels and other exotic accessories.

You may consider owning a house as well. Socially a bright period could be predicted. You could expect a rise in your status and prestige in thesociety and cooperation of your friends. You may also expect good times with the members of the opposite sex. If married you are likely to savourconjugal bliss with your spouse. According to astrological classics following are the results of transit of Mars in 1 st house. Brihat Samhita :Mars in transit in the 2 nd house gives trouble from the sovereign and enemies, quarrels, excessive bilious troubles, fire accidents, robbery and disease, though the person is like Upendra or thunderbolt.

During this period, Mars will move through your first house from the Moon. This mostly connotesdifficulties.

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This period may take you through a bumpy road in matters of your business or profession. Youmay find it difficult to finish your projects successfully on time. It is better not to start anything new duringthis particular period. If employed, try and avoid any kind of arguments and misunderstanding with yourseniors, employers and government departments.

Some of you may also see a change of your positionduring this time. Your finances would also require proper attention, as you are likely to lose on undesired expenses. Cutdown on your urge to spend money. This period also brings in ample opportunities or reasons to travel. Moreover, this period may also keepyou away from your near and dear ones. Those who are married may have to stay away from your spouseand children, if any. Your health needs proper attention during this period. You are likely to feel lacklustre and be unenthusiasticabout everything in life.

You are also susceptible to developing fever and some ailments related to bloodand the stomach.

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Stay away from sharp weapons, fire, poisonous animals and from everything that mightrisk your life. You must keep up your spirits at this time, as you may suffer from bouts of depression, bewilderment andmay develop unnecessary fear. From the start of year till March 30, Saturday at Jupiter will transit in your 9 th house. According to astrological classics following are the results of transit of Jupiter in 9 th house. BrihatSamhita :In the 9 th house, Jupiter confers skill in work, authority, sons, success in undertakings, health and fertile lands.

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YavanaJataka :When Jupiter passes through the 9 th house, the native gets children and woman of his choice, most appealing to him. He gets status and financially gains. He is ranked first and foremost in his society. During this period, Jupiter will move through your ninth house from the Moon.

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This denotes wealth andfinancial gain for you. You may expect profit in trade and business, a position of authority at yourworkplace, success in all your endeavours and favour from your superiors as well. This could prove to be aparticularly good time for authors, publishers, professors and people related to the field of books. Socially also, this is a good time as you are likely to be honoured and your status would take an upwardlymove. Your interest in religious activities would be at an all time high and you are likely to attend as manyreligious functions as possible.