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February will bring vigor and sociability to the forefront for Gemini. The celestial body Ceres will take a favorable astrological position and almost completely block the potential negativity emanating from Eris. There will be no need or desire to rely on future profitable projects; focus instead on tasks that promise momentary benefits. If you are busy with your business, remain aware of things happening around you as information is your main asset. If you do not have your own business but have already taken steps toward its creation, February is perfect for completing the process.

There is a chance of promotion for working individuals. Pleasant outcomes await the family-oriented Gemini. Though the first ten days of February will not be the most stable for Gemini, it will be an interesting and positive time. In the first days of the month, cardinal changes are possible within the family hearth; there is no reason to be an active participant in the events. Be willing to help, but only in extreme circumstances. This is a good time to meet with distant relatives, but be wary of old friends who suddenly make an appearance.

From a business standpoint, things will be quite calm; you will clearly see the target and move towards it. Be sure to choose the shortest path to success, even if it seems to be dangerous. Timing can be a critical factor. The second ten days of February will help Gemini solve problems that have long remained a stumbling block. The essence of these events does not matter, but it's important to remember to take advantage of situations as they present themselves.

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In the middle of the month, use all the resources and hidden reserves necessary to succeed. With regard to work, you will be able to surprise both your allies and detractors, especially those in leadership. This will be an important step for personal and possibly professional-growth. The period may not be the most straightforward regarding personal relationships, but it's best not to limit yourself, especially if you find someone worth pursuing.

Just remember that others also have to live with the consequences of your decisions. The third ten days of February will reveal a number of discoveries of varying degrees. From December 19th onward ,your belief systems, learning experiences, and hunger for adventure grow and expand at a rapid pace. This transit is a happy one, although it can seem subtle since it runs so smoothly!

Your positive outlook is notable during this cycle. Learn as much as you can now, in preparation for the next cycle beginning in December that puts your career on center stage. Your views on life in a broad sense are changing, growing, and maturing. Connections with faraway cultures, people, or a broader knowledge base can open up opportunities to grow personally.

Teaching and sharing knowledge can be in strong focus.

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You might consider fine-tuning your talents and skills with higher education or experience during this cycle. Over the course of the coming year, you might have the opportunity to reach a broader audience. You might choose to learn a new language or take on other interesting studies.


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This can be a time when you make friends in faraway places or who have vastly different backgrounds or perspectives than you and who enrich your life during this empowering cycle. Education can be transformative now, leading to important opportunities. Since Jupiter is your partnership ruler and is now transiting your sector that rules foreign experiences, travel, education, and expanding your horizons, you may enjoy a travel companion or meet someone special through these activities. Interestingly, at the same time of this expansive influence on these areas of life, a contracting influence occurs, as you will see in the next section below.

You may get the chance to solidify studies, travel, a publishing deal, or another substantial matter.

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It can be a time for specializing or learning something practical and useful for some. Take advantage of your discipline and common sense at this time. There are always areas of life that require more simplicity. Tests may be part of the picture as you learn that life with only growth and expansion can run away with itself. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests.

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Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. This influence will be with you until It can be felt most strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Gemini. This year, those born from approximately June , and those with a Gemini Ascendant of degrees, are most impacted. Tests can come to your financial and intimate worlds during this cycle.

You may be dealing with fears of surrendering yourself, emotionally or financially, to others. Support from others may not be as forthcoming as it has been in the past. This requires you to assume more independence in terms of making a living. Emotionally, there can be a feeling that others are not as supportive. There can be delays or difficulties in general when it comes to getting what you want or need from others. Intimacy may seem to dry up before it gets better. These are unlikely to be drastic changes, but rather more on the lines of slow but sure progress, little by little.

While this period can be a tad difficult at times, particularly when Saturn forms a quincunx to your Sun or Ascendant, there are some dazzling spots, making it a rewarding period overall, particularly if you focus more on long-term benefits and less on short-term frustrations.

Saturn occupies a sign that it rules, Capricorn, during this period, and performs very well here as a result. The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was from Additionally and importantly! There is more joy in simplifying these areas of life. Charm, spontaneity.

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Venus 2nd House: Where: Shopping, financial institutions, restaurants. How: By expressing your loyalty, dependability, good taste, sensuality, simplicity, and practicality. Relationships begun now are: sensual, possessive, comfortable, potentially long-lasting, stable, dependable, and loyal. Enhancing love now: Enjoying the moment, sensual pleasures, stability, gift-giving, candles, massages, earthy pleasures.

Venus 3rd House: Where: In your neighborhood, schools, running errands, social functions, by phone or email, through lighthearted conversations. How: By expressing your sociability, talkativeness, friendliness, by listening and communicating in a pleasant, unaffected manner, emphasizing your intellect and lighthearted nature. Relationships begun now are: lighthearted, playful, intellectual, perhaps not very durable or deep.

Gemini February 2020 Horoscope Monthly Overview

Enhancing love now: Opening the lines of communication, taking short trips with each other, getting out and about, sending emails and otherwise making contact, taking a lighthearted and playful approach to love. How: By expressing and emphasizing your domestic qualities, devotion, quietness, nurturing qualities. Relationships begun now are: emotionally charged, domestic, potentially long-lasting, somewhat private—they run deep. The relationship is likely to be sentimental, and perhaps somewhat insular. A romance begun now might be characterized by sensitivity, concern, and care on the positive side, but it could also be a moody, clinging one.

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If you are looking for a romance that might lead to marriage and family, this is a favorable time. Enhancing love now: Enjoying domestic activities together, nesting, spending quiet time together, expressing nurturing and protective traits towards a lover. Relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure are emphasized now. This is not a time to push yourself or to be involved in activities that require intense competition or a great expenditure of energy.

Cooperative, harmonious personal and professional relationships are more important to you at this time. Bottom line: A very easygoing and easy energy is with you now. Venus 5th House: Where: At places of entertainment or amusement, parties.